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  1. We've had a bug in production in my company for a year and a half and tried to throw 6 different fixes on it until we finally nailed the reason, only because we couldn't recreate it, ain't no shame in that.
  2. Here's my thoughts about the patch- Grinex- More, more! A nightmare to lane against and I welcome any nerfs to him. Engineer- I think the changes are very justified, I've rarely seen anyone pinpoint the gun correctly to hit most of the bullets, and mine drop under hero was a tad too strong. Empath- I fear the aura might be too strong now, it's half of a heart's regen to the entire team, but we'll see. The wall is a lovely change, people might take more than 1 in the ability now, especially when it has to compete with that aura!. Bramble- Love it, never play the hero, but mi
  3. You had me at old rampage ulti! So pumped. I thought you were crazy with those low numbers on adrenaline's rush, then I saw the third ability and his ulti, game changer, I'm afraid for my wretched hag. Can't wait for new patch, thanks!
  4. idan223

    Restrain effect

    I think the biggest issue with restrain is the counter play offered. For example, a prisoner's ball can be killed in 1 second that you're not running with AA+hatchet, a puppet master's strings still gives you some room to play in and if you were next to trees to begin with you can juke a second or two out of it. A predator's 2 seconds is nice for the pred, but it's not catastrophic unless you were in a bad shape already. But I find when I'm facing a berzerker he gets with a level 1 spell a 6 second restraint while he sees me and I can't juke, which is horrible early game as a suicide
  5. Magebane is the only one who retains a baseline improvement to my knowledge, other than him, pebbles loses from his ulti, warbeast gains from ulti, and shadowblade loses from his gargantuan.
  6. Also, unlike other heroes, MB has a shorter base attack speed, meaning all attack speed items on him are stronger. He's not as weak as you think+complete counter to parallax and DR. He must have SOME weakness.. I'd be more interested in seeing his win% in higher tiers than just his general win%, just guessing here, but could be radically different
  7. idan223

    Rampage Buff

    I just want old rampage back ? I feel like this one isn't the same hero, with every ability changed. The version I'm talking about is the rampage that can charge through nothing, but accelerates towards the target, with magic immunity until he reaches "bullet mode" where he's launched at the target and will hit it no matter what, but is also not magic immune in that moment. And the CD starts the moment you cast it, so you're encouraged to run across the map. The w had an activate slow, and higher number. The E stunned (such a hallmark of the hero, what is this hero
  8. Mah boy shadowblade is back! I'll gladly take a ~15% damage nerf if it means I don't get "stuck" in gargantuan again, that movement speed was a killer for that form. I have been attempting to use keeper's staff lately, and I felt the wards were lackluster compared to rushing resto since it's melee cast range, so anybody can see the eyes unless you're extra careful(unlike the old keeper eyes). Now that the cooldown is even longer, can we maybe get a buff to the range so I can hide the eyes? it IS 4200 gold spent after all In general a lot of nice changes, engi, ew, nitro and the
  9. I too, got excited when he started talking about old Salomon, it was an amazingly fun hero, I stopped playing him once he was changed. I saw that bramble was closer to him at some point, but he had lost so many things from the original Salomon that it wasn't the same. And while we're at it, look how they massacred my boy Rampage ? changed all the skills of my favorite hero that it might as well be a new hero now.. tried to play it once, just gave up on him too. At least the parallax radius on his ulti made him a lot more viable now, so I can play him more.
  10. Pearl -- Enemies within bubble can no longer harm enemies outside, doesn't break the hero, but allows the ulti to be useful even after enemies enter the bubble.
  11. I haven't played a lot of SB I think, but I played some, before patch and after. My latest instinct when playing him now is to avoid using gargantuan, because it doesn't allow me to chase, and doesn't allow me to run away. The only instances where I know I can use it is either when I chain the 2 damage abilities to secure a kill, or that I can immediately change to soul's sight as to avoid the debuffs. Honestly, if possible, and I can understand the need for the nerf (he could reach ridiculous amounts of hp early game if itemized for that), can you also add a button to d
  12. Also getting this issue for a while now. Only looking in EU Getting the no response from server Snapped the part from console.log after I found a game in here https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LK9azh4V5lXlv_IlW1z2m3gI-7mJbTjNDgOa3q-zvfE/edit?usp=sharing
  13. Okay, had to see for myself after not playing in a year or two (did wonder why I never saw nitro). He has 20 damage less from all other heroes, he now has less attack range than flint (and jade spire doesn't affect him), mana cost scales with levels just to auto attack? IMO, remove him, if a hero has 20% win rate, that means he's worse than playing 4v5, that's bad
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