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  1. Pearl -- Enemies within bubble can no longer harm enemies outside, doesn't break the hero, but allows the ulti to be useful even after enemies enter the bubble.
  2. I haven't played a lot of SB I think, but I played some, before patch and after. My latest instinct when playing him now is to avoid using gargantuan, because it doesn't allow me to chase, and doesn't allow me to run away. The only instances where I know I can use it is either when I chain the 2 damage abilities to secure a kill, or that I can immediately change to soul's sight as to avoid the debuffs. Honestly, if possible, and I can understand the need for the nerf (he could reach ridiculous amounts of hp early game if itemized for that), can you also add a button to disable gargantuan's form early? Since I won't be getting the buffs of the form, I feel this is a legit way to mitigate the double anti carry nerf he receives from using it, without making the form obsolete when needed.
  3. Also getting this issue for a while now. Only looking in EU Getting the no response from server Snapped the part from console.log after I found a game in here https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LK9azh4V5lXlv_IlW1z2m3gI-7mJbTjNDgOa3q-zvfE/edit?usp=sharing
  4. Okay, had to see for myself after not playing in a year or two (did wonder why I never saw nitro). He has 20 damage less from all other heroes, he now has less attack range than flint (and jade spire doesn't affect him), mana cost scales with levels just to auto attack? IMO, remove him, if a hero has 20% win rate, that means he's worse than playing 4v5, that's bad
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