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  1. Tbh it's not just a matter of learning a new game, but more like 'is there another game which is worth it. other mobas arent as attractive. DoTA2 doesnt catch my eye and i tried LoL and didnt find it as enjoyable as HoN gameplay-wise.
  2. I personally felt depressed about playing it and didnt play it since months now.
  3. A neural network might do the trick
  4. Hopefully we got a software engineering geek among HoN fandom who would invest effort into finding a way to host HoN privately. I m seeing old unpopular games that got discontinued and now they're revived with private projects and f2p also (examples: Project Blackout/Point Blank (owned by Garena btw), S4 League and Street Gears)
  5. Well that's the internet, not just HoN lol
  6. Well i guess we can all learn a lesson from this: If you're playing an unpopular game and Garena buys it, then the countdown towards its death has started.
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