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  1. The end of a match is INCREDIBLY anti-climactic! You guys like force this disgusting looking MVP screen up over the enemy base blowing up, and my victory celebration. It is intrusive, immersion breaking, and honestly ruins the feeling of the win. Please implement a screen AFTER the match where I can vote for the mvp, and then after voting, we are taken back to the main screen. OR Place the mvp selection off to the side of the screen, and players can leave after they pick an mvp for the game,. This way we are forced to show sportsmanship, and pick the mvp. Even when
  2. I took a very long break from this game. On my old account I had probably 3k hours on it, and the community drove me out, and to DOTA2. However, this game is still the most difficult MOBA on the market. Now, coming back, nearly 10 years later, I can say that I still love its difficulty. I love how intense and fast it is.... but this game has a lot of unacceptable things going on in it that need to be fixed. For one, as a returning player, I have little eagerness to stay for several reason: 1. The user interface and UI is STILL clunky. It seems to not have changed at all in A DEC
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