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  1. Careful with special characters in the password. ä æ Ø and the likes. Not sure if the password field accepts rich-text. I know the Nickname field doesn't.
  2. Quite the potential for this project, and a great initiative. This will surely help newcomers getting into HoN. Nice! Apart from all the heroes, items and playstyles could also be added over time. If you're considering this.
  3. I suggest waiting for the end-game Disconnect button to show up if you want to report right away. If you DC earlier, chances are the game will not show up in history immediately and you might forget about the report. (and timestamps) But take your RAP reputation into consideration.
  4. Derived question from thread Here Personal messages to mods are restricted apparently. (didn't want to start a thread for this) Since I'm sure the mod that closed the above thread didn't bother to look into the info given, and instead resort to that sort of reply and close the thread, I will post this here. -> Is there any way to fetch and view old replays? -> If yes, how is it done? I tried looking in-game, I tried fetching it online (not found - not even the scoreboard shows) and tried finding information on how to do it before posting this, but without any success
  5. Manu, you missed my point. Completely. Disclaimer: this happened God knows how many years ago. All I'm stating are facts based on my own observations/experience. The time frame I got right on my first reports, afterwards there was no info regarding which you should use. (I would always state "AFK avoidance at X:XX replay time, for example) I say it doesn't work, because I got slapped with "incorrect timestamp, rejected" even when I followed the rules I had successfully used before. This leads me to think the GM reviewing the replay was incompetent or didn't know what he should review
  6. Same struggle here. Basically, if your reports are good, valid, and they get reviewed with a positive outcome, your trust factor goes up. Otherwise your trust factor goes down. If it goes down far enough, your reports - if you are the only one reporting - will just be ignored. (probably they think you report out of rage). To me, after FB Studios took over, it became impossible to report anyone. Before, if a report had all the required info in it, it would get reviewed. Problem is, I stopped playing for a while and I think I submitted reports with wrong timestamps (I can't remem
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