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  1. Q: Ya think y'all can hide behind your tank? THINK AGAIN! W: Hey! Back the Hellbourne off strangers! E: OMG, we just met! So aggro! I ain't gonna date you like this! R: Call me the Win... Naww NVM, Nitro is way better!
  2. HoN, a place where me and my friends stay close together, We were playing Indonesian HoN at first, it was when I was 14, years after, the server closed down, and the choice was either Dota 2 or HoN International server, well, I'm glad we chose HoN, thru ups and down, many "real life fights" with friends, all can be solved by pulling an all nighter playing HoN together. Now I am already 25 y.o, Still actively playing every single day without losing any of my friends! Happy Honiversary! May this game forever hold the best place in our deep memories! 1 thing tho, bring back the war efforts p
  3. I didnt change it, but everytime i press E, nothing happen. I still need to press W and click the enemy ?
  4. Oh, and how to set that in the setting? Sry im still kinda lost
  5. Guys, i just got back to HoN this year after 1 (or so) year vacuum. And i noticed a kinda big change in HoN, but it's all good The one thing im seriously curious and need answer is how to set up the microkeys for repulsor's pull or Lodestone's headsmash etc? Like the game says "you can set up keys to automatically use the skill to the nearest enemy hero" Thank you in advance and have a good battle Newerthians
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