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  1. Well i want to know if i download the game, and install on a friend home, in where don't exist internet connection, but had 12 computers on a LAN connected trough switch and configure just for LAN Share, like Files/Folders/Printer(s) Its possible start the game avoid the login screen and all that things need internet ? Thanks for the anothers answers ?
  2. Hi there, i am old player test this game "Heroes Of Newerth" from 2010, and some years ago i test again in 2014 with the version 3.4.3 with Linux Native for that date, the Game include a << Lan Mode >> just for play in a Lan Party without Internet. but in this Latest version from 4 april 2020 i don't see any option like that on the Main Screen / Login Screen Well i ask in the Lobby And the unique answer i recibe from another player in spanish was "Shut up cock face", well i don't know if in the game the insults are allowed in the lobby or not, but if not, why in the o
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