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  1. What if we could split up the stats per hero role? When they select the specific role (or however the ux would be) they get the stats just for that? I don't really know what to fill it out with, but I see a graph like this could be useful as well, maybe just to see which kind of role someone plays the most or something:
  2. Oh awesome! Yeah that armour penetration will work for sure. Can't wait to try it out!
  3. Awesome! I am looking forward to seeing what those are :)!
  4. Thank you for super quick response! Yeah I agree there are, but in those times a concede might not go through because of someone in team. In any case, I might be wrong, but my assumption of the well if that it is a protected place for the player. The idea came from me being crushed by thunder bringer as scout. Double ulti killed me twice on spawn. I did not know about the 3-second state to be honest, thanks for informing me! Anyway, a suggestion, I'll be fine either way. Thanks for the consideration!
  5. So, the frustration as a player is that towards the end of the game I am still vulnerable in the well. What happens then is that people sell their things, but a pk / tablet, and push themselves out of reach and vision for the enemy team. And that is only if you have the time for it. Being killed in spawn is extremly frustrating, especially if you get hit by a double Thunderbringer ulti (thanks for the very recent patch that prevents that btw!) So, as a player, I don't want to feel like I am going to get killed while I stay in spawn. But! I also don't want to lose the core play o
  6. The in-game notice says 2-3 hours, but here the edited post says 2-4 hours. So I think there is 50 minutes more to go
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