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  1. Yeah the turn speeds make a much bigger difference than you would think in how fast a game feels. Also the casting speeds are slower in general in Dota. And these two things aren't just result of general delay, you can compare Pyro vs Lina, neither one had change in cast speed in patches (Well they were the same when I last played Hon) but Lina's feels way slower and is harder to land. Also attack animations and projectile speeds. Hon heroes have a faster and more similar speed. Again compare Pyro and Lina, sure Pyro isn't the easiest hero to last hit with but Lina sucks. T
  2. No it's not that, it just is. People tested it right when Dota 2 started as well (remember because I was on the forums here and people were talking about how much easier it would be because it was slow). But I don't feel like it ever helped/hindered me between the games. I actually feel like Hon's map is zoomed out. Started playing again recently after like 8 years away and it just feels zoomed out. Not sure what makes it seem that way to me though.
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