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  1. HoN is and was the best game I EVER have played. Coming from Quake 3 and Starcraft Broodwar, it was the only MOBA that was fast enough not to bore one. And it's been so varied that I've easily played a total of 10,000 matches together with my family and friends since 2009. WHAT A GAME ! gg wp and thanks for everything @ S2 + Frostburn + @ElementUser and Team P.S. Is it possible to have a private LAN server?
  2. Is that a realistic option? I'm afraid the login will no longer work from tomorrow. Means not even watching replays will work.
  3. Thank you, yes. I removed the colon from the subject, now I could submit the inquiry. This is not a great user experience.
  4. Hello, I can no longer log into my account ("konaan"). I haven't been playing for a while, hence I have no idea why my account would have been suspended. I tried to contact the RAP GMs on https://rap.heroesofnewerth.com/helpdesk/tickets/new, but as soon as I submit a ticket a red empty box appears without any input errors and my input gets deleted. Can you clarify this to me? Best, konaan
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