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  1. after having the plessure to be in your team once, i feel pity for your teammates.
  2. I agree with every part, just add Doctor repulsor and Gunblade to the heroes that might deserve a litttle nerf ?
  3. Mosher


    Dont you think thats just the normal scissor-stone-paper game which is intended? phara is well balanced and fits perfect in the current meta. captain handsight tip: you dont have to press instant walls. sometimes its better to pop your q and ult some1 and wait with your mummies for a certain situation. phara is even at 9th most wins position (54%), pls dont touch him as he is perfect right now ?
  4. Quote: and the cursed ground is only easy to hit, if you have a perfect positioning. if you are chasing a hero, the spells feels kinda weak early game
  5. i agree vj is one of the strongest support heroes, but he`s far from being OP. i`ve never seen some1 complain about a vj pick in a 1800+mmr game, nor does he get banned frequently. Imo if he was as strong as you guys mention, he should be a viable mid lane or manup pick, which he isnt. he has a huge potential dmg output, but he lacks many other factors (creepfarm, a blink for initiation/savety, real burst dmg, support aura/spell) in my gaming experience (vj mastery lvl15, while playing 1800+) he feels perfectly balanced in the past and present. ?
  6. I think Element User was pretty clear between the lines that he cant give anything in return, if they want to use alle the money for game development...
  7. Ondis just killed this Thread with all that nonsense ?
  8. i like the new spellshards change, but last patch was the first and only time flint was a legit hero pick in tmm
  9. Nice Patch. I like pretty much every change ? unfortunate woods will still not be viable, but thats the meta and i will have to deal with that! keep up the good work, EU!
  10. Good to See ist Happening At The Weekend. I was kinda confused to See First Date on a tuesday :D
  11. Mosher

    Hag numbers

    i agree with lenny. hag seems perfectly balanced for me!
  12. I think its a good idea to purge regen on dr ultimate. maybe not an important one, cuz dr is quite useless nowadays, but if he gets relevant again regen on him needs a nerf.
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