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  1. Rift on gladi is just meme item build on lower brackets anyways
  2. Ra has always been a niche hero and is overall well balanced. One thing that makes him weak right now is nullfire being very strong
  3. When reading this I wonder if I just got hacked
  4. Nice idea. Could remove that mastery ladder meanwhile
  5. Nice work guys! offtopic: succu is Bad Counter to armadon and nullfire together with spellsunder best counter to armadon imo
  6. Better remove the item from game until its fixed
  7. I suppose This comes out if warglavezia locks himself in a Silicon Valley thinktank for 2 days..... ....together with 4 mates and 10 bottles of beer and 5 fat blunts each
  8. after having the plessure to be in your team once, i feel pity for your teammates.
  9. I agree with every part, just add Doctor repulsor and Gunblade to the heroes that might deserve a litttle nerf ?
  10. Mosher


    Dont you think thats just the normal scissor-stone-paper game which is intended? phara is well balanced and fits perfect in the current meta. captain handsight tip: you dont have to press instant walls. sometimes its better to pop your q and ult some1 and wait with your mummies for a certain situation. phara is even at 9th most wins position (54%), pls dont touch him as he is perfect right now ?
  11. Quote: and the cursed ground is only easy to hit, if you have a perfect positioning. if you are chasing a hero, the spells feels kinda weak early game
  12. i agree vj is one of the strongest support heroes, but he`s far from being OP. i`ve never seen some1 complain about a vj pick in a 1800+mmr game, nor does he get banned frequently. Imo if he was as strong as you guys mention, he should be a viable mid lane or manup pick, which he isnt. he has a huge potential dmg output, but he lacks many other factors (creepfarm, a blink for initiation/savety, real burst dmg, support aura/spell) in my gaming experience (vj mastery lvl15, while playing 1800+) he feels perfectly balanced in the past and present. ?
  13. Ondis just killed this Thread with all that nonsense ?
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