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  1. I agree with the thesis that game length increased and I think there are multiple reasons for this development: -all 5 players in one team are provided much more gold and experience than ever before due to items like xp tome, Somaz Orb, removal of jungle respawns after x:35 etc (remember the good old times, when having an average gpm of over 300 was rare and people were considering you a strong player? If you win today, everyone in your team is on almost 400) -if you play a carry and you have a gpm of 450+ it takes way longer for you to receive a notable advantage over enemy players -backdoor was weakened -the new map, movement speed inflation, 50 gold tp costs and changed gold mechanics allow the people to crowd, pickoffs are much harder than in the past (remember the time, when crowding and pubtraining was an indicator that you are about to lose, today this is pretty much standard)
  2. Not sure about how Logitech is performing today, but in the past, I've had 2 mouses loosing contact at the point, where the USB-cable leaves the mouse case so I made negative experiences with Logitech. Razer Deathadder looks nice and is currently on sale so I am going to try out this one.
  3. Hello Guys, I am currently playing with a Roccat Kone pure and after a year of playing, the mouse started having a "double-click" issues. The tappets built into the mouse wear out and the mouse causes double clicks or does not register executed clicks correctly. So I need a mouse that is robust enough for a click-intensive game like HoN . I have an averaged-size hand, 2-3 programmable buttons are nice to have, but nothing special is required beyond that. So I am kindly asking for your recommendations.
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