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  1. How about starting an ingame survey about that question. I feel like the map change did upset a lot of people who quit the game when it was introduced. Although I made my peace with the new map, I never got used to the weird tree distribution on the lanes and the two Kongor. Suicide is terrible if the support defends the ward spots, hiding is basically impossible.
  2. Although I welcome that this behavior is punishable, it is not really evident from the description of the categories. It is also missing from the listing in the corresponding forum thread. I can very well understand that it is not possible to create a separate appropriate reporting category for every form of griefing. However, it might be possible to expand this somewhat by adding a field called "Other". In all the years I could observe that many players don't even report griefing because they think that the corresponding behavior doesn't fall into the five existing categories and would
  3. I think what the rap system is missing is a more generalized griefing category. For example: if someone is intentionally following you around for minutes, trying to steal lasthits from lane or jungle camp, this is not fitting in one of the RaP categories. Or if someone is constantly spamming cc votes, crying for surrender - disconnecting and reconnecting for several times - being 4 levels behind after laning phase.... None of these action is a reportable offense for its own, but as a cumulation I would consider this griefing. But the current system is not covering such behaviour.
  4. I almost only solo queue in 1700 bracket, and if the matchmaking system puts you into a high bracket game with 1800 players, it can be very frustrating to play versus those 1800 triple-premades. Those games are 90% lose and people tend to give up right from the start.
  5. It can be a decent pickup on certain heroes, like for example Gemini, Benefitting from stats and chase potential.
  6. I think what SW really hurts is the the agressive dual laning meta, also affecting heroes like Chronos or Magebane. Picking SW is basically a lost short lane and you risk losing at the picking screen. Even carries with better laning presence like Puppet Master, TDL or Archer are facing troubles against the tryhard combos (Succu+Prisoner, Rev+Blacksmith, Magmus+Pyro) appearing these days. Generally, I agree that movement speed inflation helped to further destroy his laning presence, same as Offlane Pull. You can simply outrun him. SW needs a long track to chase and autohit someone down. Despite
  7. You can easily find games within 3 minutes of queue time way up to high-tier brackets in EU. As other commentators mentioned before, the game is extremely difficult for beginners and the community can be extremely toxic. But it is definitely worth the effort, even though the game has shifted in a different direction since HoN 4.0.
  8. I agree with the thesis that game length increased and I think there are multiple reasons for this development: -all 5 players in one team are provided much more gold and experience than ever before due to items like xp tome, Somaz Orb, removal of jungle respawns after x:35 etc (remember the good old times, when having an average gpm of over 300 was rare and people were considering you a strong player? If you win today, everyone in your team is on almost 400) -if you play a carry and you have a gpm of 450+ it takes way longer for you to receive a notable advantage over enemy players
  9. Not sure about how Logitech is performing today, but in the past, I've had 2 mouses loosing contact at the point, where the USB-cable leaves the mouse case so I made negative experiences with Logitech. Razer Deathadder looks nice and is currently on sale so I am going to try out this one.
  10. Hello Guys, I am currently playing with a Roccat Kone pure and after a year of playing, the mouse started having a "double-click" issues. The tappets built into the mouse wear out and the mouse causes double clicks or does not register executed clicks correctly. So I need a mouse that is robust enough for a click-intensive game like HoN . I have an averaged-size hand, 2-3 programmable buttons are nice to have, but nothing special is required beyond that. So I am kindly asking for your recommendations.
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