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  1. There was posts about puppet master and succubus for a while now
  2. Someone needs to take blame cuz this is the most toxic gaming community ive seen in my life and dota 2 has been my main game for years a pretty toxic community overall in hon ppl troll grief and flame from the 1st lost fight or misplay id enjoy the game much more without these ppl
  3. i wish everyone else from the community was willing to fight for the game as much as u do as a new player the ranked experience has been bad
  4. i mean if someone left there was a swap command that u can go to the other team like if the game was 3vs5 u could play 4vs4 i often did that as a challenge
  5. Ive never believed that id play a more toxic moba that lol till my 1st ranked match at HON and what an experience it was we lose 1 fight. Top lane flames mid mid flames jungle for the whole game i try to be the pma guy trying to make calls and shit but nah the circle never ends i wonder how many new players this toxicity has kicked off the game
  6. Deadlycr1t


    Im a new player (i know that i joined way late lol) is it possible to play anything else than mid wars i try que and i cant seem to find any game normal or ranked would anyone from the community would like to chill and play with me
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