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  1. Omg u played one game after 12 years of hon tell me what u didn't like about the game and say the same bs that its slower cuz my eyes hurt
  2. I wonder if the ppl that are crying in this forum are the same ppl that griefed and rage quit at 0-1
  3. Im very conflicted now that we are on the final day on one hand im thinking that it might be for the best for the game to die than to exist in the current state on the other hand i can't stop thinking why killing this great game demn im gonna miss hon big shout-out to everyone that kept the game alive for so long
  4. Lul dude there's a countdown timer in game
  5. I feel the same id like to remain hopeful that someday we will see hon 2
  6. Read the FAQ thread on reddit theres no hope for hon just 5 more days and gg enjoy it while u can
  7. Hon is an amazing game that needs a lot of work though who knows maybe someday they will freeware the game we can only hope even if the chances are very low
  8. I mean the game is in state of decay for years 50 or 100 players buying coins won't do anything unless ur a Saudi arab prince or smth i guess hons fate was sealed long ago
  9. For sometime i was sad too but maybe its better that the game dies than to exist in that state
  10. Im not only talking about toxic players griefers and trolls also ruin the experience
  11. Why did it went this far though rmm in hon has been a horrible experience 90% of player's I've interact with not even trying to play the game teamwork and communication most of the time is non existent even now at the end ud think that ppl would chill and enjoy the game but no i get a rq almost every game
  12. I dont think theres any hope for hon anymore even if they ported hon heroes in dota it wont be hon it will be dota the 2 games are very different gameplaywise anymore sadly in 20 days hon will die forgotten by everyone
  13. I dont think that u need to be lvl 5 to play ranked im lvl 4 and im playing u can lvl up through midwars too
  14. not relative to the topic but id like to ask for an invite to the discord servers ive learned last night that theres no invites anymore cuz of toxicity but im not like that all i want is play and enjoy hons last month with the community
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