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  1. where can I find contacts of garena officials anyway
  2. Hi guys, how much would HoN actually be worth at this point. Me and couple of my friends will unite our forces and we are ready to bid in the region of 15000 american dollars $. If anybody from staff members has a contact with any garena members, please tell them that we are willing to negotiate for the price of HoN as we don't want our favourite game to die. Best regards
  3. and special thanks to RAP portal team for making this game a ghost town like in north Korea
  4. at this point, there is a higher amount of banned players, than active. oh well, no wonder game is shutting down, there is almost nobody to play it... cant play with my friend is currently banned (not gonna go into details), so its lame. but good thing for him is that nobody will be able to play this game soon so they are all even
  5. It would be a good christmas present if we could unban all the people and let everybody play this game, the last 6 months, as a gift from HoN to players. There is nothing to lose anyway and im sure only few people aka SGMs would be mad, like shattered, spylex and hegelsdong. Best Regards Gafreggin
  6. Perhaps he is, but to me... all the people are the same to me, so I respect everybody equally
  7. Please guys, even tho HoN is closing relatively soon, your words can still hurt. Please don't be racists in the game and then say "we don't care, HoN is shutting down soon". Because your actions might ruin someone's day or at very least make somebody mad for a short time. Same goes for griefing... as you soon won't be able to create any new accounts, please don't grief. Try to enjoy HoN while you can and be friendly. Next to all this, especially don't be racist towards asians that operate in garena, those people probably have some other plans and refuse to sell HoN rights to anybody.
  8. Hello fellow Newerthians. I just wanted to know from FB team, are there any planned patch notes until HoN closes in June next year... are we still allowed to post any bug reports and similar, or to report griefers. Because lately there are more and more trolls who just go around and spam the N word in all chat, not even caring about being banned
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