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  1. "If they are free everyone will insta buy them and place them for their own benefits" You are human beings that have to negotiate things. You decide who goes mid, who supports, who gets stacked jungle camps, you can use your brains and decide what needs to be warded. "Probably nobody wants to play support because HoNs player base consinsts of former E-Sport affinitive gamers (CS, WC3 so on) there is no support in CS lol." I used to only play support in HoN, and when I finally moved over to other games and trying it there, I found they are much more enjoyable.. in HoN it felt like supp
  2. I think if we immediately assume that a positive change is going to be used to grief, we've already lost the war, the game is done for. Sure, free wards are easier to grief but it's just as easy for me to sell my boots or whatever and buy out all the available wards for the next 10 minutes anyways. If it's still the same as when I was a GM, item purchases are included in the chat log so it's fairly quick to pull up when someone buys out all the wards in the shop, but I don't think this would be much of an issue at all. If anything, it actually makes it harder to grief the wards.. and in a w
  3. I'm both sad and relieved that my post history is wiped clean. RIP alch bones totems and old banner/custom avatar, I've immediately forgotten what you were
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