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  1. I wish they would unban everyone. Would be absolutely hilarious and be one big last FU to Garena
  2. I was wondering too. Even the last r/heroesofnewerth post was 3 days ago… have we ALL been getting banned?
  3. Maybe instead of asking "How did HoN fail" we should ask ourselves, How did we fail HoN?
  4. I’m unvaccinated I’m unmasked incredibly comfy and playing HoN all the way to June 20th
  5. Be sure to write a ticket on rap.heroesofnewerth.com with Match ID and explain the situation
  6. AngryPesti


    This server has been a little wonky lately.
  7. Do you still get RAP rep if action is taken on a player but not using your ticket? Like does "Not corroborated - Another ticket was used to take action on this offender." count against you?
  8. You’re just mad because I have probably done it to you
  9. I always check player stats beforehand and ban the enemy teams most played heroes
  10. Man. When the short squeeze happens. I am seriously going to make a run at buying this game from Garena and investing in it. Getting some AWS servers and paying EU and the rest of the staff a living wage.
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