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  1. Do you still get RAP rep if action is taken on a player but not using your ticket? Like does "Not corroborated - Another ticket was used to take action on this offender." count against you?
  2. You’re just mad because I have probably done it to you
  3. I always check player stats beforehand and ban the enemy teams most played heroes
  4. Man. When the short squeeze happens. I am seriously going to make a run at buying this game from Garena and investing in it. Getting some AWS servers and paying EU and the rest of the staff a living wage.
  5. People need to pick zephyr more. They’ll realize how useless legio and solstice are
  6. https://www.reddit.com/r/HeroesofNewerth/comments/otzbpn/hon_devs_i_just_hope_you_know_this/
  7. Lmao he totally did and forgot the website to download it
  8. Hell no. Game is fine the way it is
  9. Lol no way you are getting 200fps in the 64bit client you absolute liar.
  10. http://hon-stats.herokuapp.com/match/161278782/chat Nothing in here sounded racist to me. Even with google translate
  11. AngryPesti


    Lmao later tater
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