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  1. Lol no way you are getting 200fps in the 64bit client you absolute liar.
  2. http://hon-stats.herokuapp.com/match/161278782/chat Nothing in here sounded racist to me. Even with google translate
  3. AngryPesti


    Lmao later tater
  4. No, I'm serious. yes I still hear voice chat and they sound angry sometimes, but I only speak English, so it's an easy mute.
  5. Thank you so much mods! Lately, I can tell the game has been getting much better in chats. Thanks, guys!
  6. Proof because I can't report because we remade the game he disconnected
  7. Sounds to me like your ban is justified
  8. This is a good question. unleash My Ryzen 5900x plz
  9. I just disable all announcers. They are all loud and obnoxious including the default
  10. Do we still have a worst case scenario ETA for this hotfix?
  11. There is nothing you can do. A Hotfix patch is in the works
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