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  1. Can we bring the 3vs3 map to ranked, since HoN is shutting down anyways? I have some good memories on that map and want to play it if possible. And one more thing, is stat reset going to stay only to be bought with gold, or maybe it can be changed to silver, since no new accounts can be created? #HoNthebestMOBA
  2. I played 1500+ hours on each of these three, and I can say that, for me, HoN is by far the best. The shortest answer why it is shutting down is - It was made to be paid, at the peak of MOBA genre and the other two were free. Then, after that, it never reached the same level and was too late to recover. Poor decisions led to the downfall of the greatest MOBA. Sadly, after it shuts down, I will just stop playing MOBA's, because the other two are not worth it.
  3. To be honest, there are A LOT of bulgarians, like me, that i meet in the game
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