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  1. Can we have the x7 silver again please? Or ar least x6? I was waiting this feature since HoNiversary
  2. I would say empath, but martyr is broken
  3. It really does, ty! :). I would like to see bramble
  4. To my perception, all the old models should be able to be purchased. I don't see any reason for not selling those. Or am I wrong?
  5. What a good surprise. Ty for keep on developing this game guys. And congratulations.
  6. Can we have límited edition avatars available to purchased this month? Pleeease. (with a discount if it is posible :P)
  7. Is there a way, or a perfect scenario in which there are cosmetic changes to the game again? Avatars, announcers, etc? I am aware of the current state of the game, but I am left wondering if it is possible, or simply we will never see anything new in that regard.
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