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  1. i would love if HoN was open sourced in the same way as Savage was, that's why i am hoping to rally the community and push while the iron is still hot.
  2. I don't think monetarily anything is required for a GPL licensing. it really is more getting the community together to petition and ask Garena to do this, and to explain why we want them to and what benefits they get from open sourcing the game. i'm going to try contacting some people and getting a change.org petition set up soon. the best the community can do is get talking, let other people know about this and make sure people are polite and respectful with Garena.
  3. Hi Hon Community! Who am i you may ask? I'm a literal who on the internet, so you probably don't care about me, but i know you care about the game that's the whole reason you're reading this. I want to strike while the irons still hot and move quickly with the community to help preserve this game you all love. Now that this game has been announced as approaching an "end of life" as many GAAS sadly do, there are things we can do, but i need your help! What i want to propose is very simple, the community needs to rally together and petition the current rights holders (Garena) to
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