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  2. I played 4 vs 5 game where i dominated first 30mins , but due to 4 vs 5 and our carry going defensive item , we just didn't have enough damage later on and we lost. Really pathetic game that makes me want to grief so hard out of frustration. Fix this ? Why should i waste time?
  3. I want to clarify here for people because after thousands of games , 95% are still clueless and never experienced " new plays that are actually old " . Jungle roam - it means : Do not pick a jungle hero , do not go dual long lane , get 1 - 1 - 2 lane . To be effective , you need setup like this. Not getting setup like this , then game is most likely screwed . When jungle roaming - your objective is to get fast lvl 2 ( and virtually any hero with good stun and dmg on lvl 2 ) Examples : - Devo ( veil rot into stacked small camp ) - Rampage ( E into Q ) then roam
  4. Long story short , here are some plays i occasionally see , drives me insane and backfires so hard ( many players experienced this ) : - Someone calls lane , then other player goes that lane without saying anything , and is not teamplaying at all ( but still " plays " - which can't be reported as he's playing - Mid player that picks farming hero ( something like SS ) and goes into 90% farm ( but occasionally gets a kill and " plays " - but the game is a suffer game - Support players : Never buys ward/rev , and goes for some spellshards/codex build , totally AFK style but still
  5. As the title says , are there any plans to rerun HoN in future or sell it ? I don't see why would someone shut down game for good ? Without selling it ?
  6. I'm curious , in my opinion , HoN is better than LoL or Dota 2 ( i don't play LoL or Dota 2 - i only saw gameplay ) , but still , HoN seems to be better than these 2. How come it's shutting down and other 2 probably won't die at all?
  7. I'm using i7 2600 which 100% can't be bottlenecking where some AAA games run on 60 fps 1080p , im using directx 9
  8. Hello , i would like someone experienced to tell me why do i have 130 fps on game start ( rx 550 2gb ddr5 , high settings ) but as soon as team fight starts , fps goes down and down until it actually gets to 30 fps on mega creeps where i can clearly see lagging ( not stuttering just pure inability of processing from my gpu ) , and if massive spellspam / creeps even to 20fps drop. Is it HoN related or ? I tried lowering settings to Low , but still it improved only little. Can i install x32 version , will it work better?
  9. Are they shutting down HoN for good or planing to rerun it?
  10. Can we players get all the unlocked avatars ? Game is basically shutting down , so atleast can we have that? Doesn't cost anything
  11. Ladies and Gentleman , i too love this game as you do. Lets see in this thread if we can somehow make a deal to pay monthly donations for the servers to be up. I can personally pay around 600$ per month , if we can get atleast 100+ players who can donate atleast 100$ a month , we should have enough for servers to keep running. However , we should not fund greedy requests , i spoke to my programmer friend and he replied to me that depending on the servers numbers , it shouldn't be more than 10 to 20 $ thousand a month to run it ( anything more than that is probably a lie to get more money
  12. Ok , listen to me , i got to the immortal rank by playing suicide role and excelling into it. You need to instantly TP on start of the game to hide . Therefore , you're not moving for 1 minute and 20 seconds ( creeps spawns now ) . 0 : 30 seconds , creep lane hits ( first wave ) . You can block the camps to prevent enemy to pull ( buying additional time ) . By the end of minute one , you're getting AFK mark before you can even hit level 3. I know what i'm talking about. In every second game , it is beneficial to gather the levels there ( i am a good player so i absolutely don't need any single
  13. I really love HoN , there is no game i play other than HoN , the current RAP system in my opinion is not good because you get a lot of reports that are not bannable offenses where you lose staff and time for them which are not needed. Implement silver coins DEPOSIT for a report. If a report is succesfull , you get your coins back. If not , you lose them . This way , you'll have from 10 000 reports to 1000 reports , meaning 90% of reports will be positive. I have been thinking of other ways , and after few days of thinking i came to this conclusion. The only real way to improve RAP is to h
  14. I will explain as shortly as possible if AFK system can get a fix : - As a suicide player , standing AFK in the trees ( hidden from the enemy ) to leech lvl3 or lvl4 experience , gets me AFK mark and i get kicked few times ( even though i say to the team " don't kick me " , they kick me ) . Hero that gets experience early on in suicide lane should not be getting AFK mark. Regards , DellOptiplex
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