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  1. I played few games ( Without any interruptions ) then today ( 02.21.2022 ) i played a game on EU97 and was TOTALLY unable to move my hero every 5 seconds ( There is DC cable on the left of the screen ( I can see everyone's movement pretty clear ( but my input commands to move hero / use spells ) are completely negated. What is it about ? It's not on my side as i played few games perfectly then completely unable to play due to DC cabling
  2. - Rampage is not able to use shrunken head DURING charge , i think it's massive flaw because in games i really need that shrunken before i hit enemy with charge .
  3. I think everyone would be happy to play plinko using silver coins - can you guys do it ? Thanks!
  4. Hello , is the cap 5% or 7% for leaver percentage ? I saw a player with 5.34% leaver status , in game ? Thanks in advance.
  5. I agree to some extent , but maybe make PK obtainable with K+A , PK would be super good for " jungle roam " thingy . Or some weaker items ( not cores ) . I do jungle roam with pebbles , ramp , devo , valk etc - people flame me a lot - but what is funny is that within 10 minutes of the game , i gank top mid and bot - and actually make all 3 of my lanes ahead , you wouldn't believe how much better to the game is a jungle roam compared to afk jungle 10mins with 0 0 0 ( but even with all 3 lanes won - jungle 0 0 0afk farm does compensate for that , and compensates too much ) . There were gam
  6. I've been playing " jungle roam " thingy where you get lvl 2 off jungle with heroes that have good ganking potentional and just gank gank gank throughout entire game. What i found out after so many games , people who tend to afk jungle ( having 0 0 0 ) and just afk farming while i had for example 4 0 7 score , they would come after 10min mark with 2x amount in level and 5x amount in gold . To afk farm - everyone can do that. Reward is good. To roam around map getting kills takes skills , and i noticed its not a good reward ( low exp low gold ) . Can we implement things that we can buy with our
  7. Hello , this is my 3rd attempt to report player ( i reported in game - Ticket not colaborated , used RAP system - got response to use in game ( which is strange because i used rap in game and it says it's not looked into ) . Match ID 163030139 , hero player : Arachna Griefing - Feeding ( reported twice without success - so im typing here aswell ( this is 3rd attempt ) . Please check , if he was not griefing / feeding , you can freely ban my account for wasting time. Thank you !!!
  8. As title says , many thanks to everyone who kept hon alive ! It is literally the only game i played for last few years , i literally don't know what will i play after hon shuts down. Probably my gaming career will end on its closure. Again , thanks for everyone. Also thank you for removing griefers from the game and making it fun to play .
  9. DellOptiplex

    Leaver %

    What is the new leaver % before we can not que tmm? Friend is queeing TMM with 5.34% , i checked his stats and he has 5.34% leaver percentage and found him in game , is it increased? To what % now?
  10. If you want to win game , you should pause for teammates , i had to go urgently afk for few mins ( this isn't a joke , cat started meowing so i had to let her downstairs or i have to risk getting her crap in my house ) , and came back after few mins ( i press hero to follow ally hero ) Literally max 5 mins of afk - players spamming report yet no pause out of 3 used. So basically your goal is report rather than to win game? Just saying. Judges?
  11. Friend want to have fun with me , but i got no accounts left , anyone got spare one to play for friend? Any rank
  13. I played 4 vs 5 game where i dominated first 30mins , but due to 4 vs 5 and our carry going defensive item , we just didn't have enough damage later on and we lost. Really pathetic game that makes me want to grief so hard out of frustration. Fix this ? Why should i waste time?
  14. I want to clarify here for people because after thousands of games , 95% are still clueless and never experienced " new plays that are actually old " . Jungle roam - it means : Do not pick a jungle hero , do not go dual long lane , get 1 - 1 - 2 lane . To be effective , you need setup like this. Not getting setup like this , then game is most likely screwed . When jungle roaming - your objective is to get fast lvl 2 ( and virtually any hero with good stun and dmg on lvl 2 ) Examples : - Devo ( veil rot into stacked small camp ) - Rampage ( E into Q ) then roam
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