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    from wikipedia "Garena is a Singaporean online game developer and publisher of free games."
  2. 20$ game, I can live with that. I feel sorry for the community members who spend hundreds or thousands of $ on this game. Maybe not only to get skins, but to support HoN in general. Those are the people to really feel sorry about imho. But hey, as someone said "Buy this nice avatar, only 20$ .... o btw, you don't own any rights to what you just bought"
  3. Im pretty sure I own my cd copy, and the right to play the game contained on it
  4. if server costs, is really the problem, they would just allow people to run "private community servers" The problem with server costs, support tickets,toxicity, smurfing and grefing would end, very quickly. Because the community servers could make up their own rules. And you can enforce things like "application uptake" - meaning you have to apply in order to join a server Some of us own original copies of the game. Do we lop it into the trashcan ? we own copies a the game but not the "right" to play it ? typical 2022 I have hope though. There is a long time to June, a lot of t
  5. The game simply would not launch anymore. I think I gotten 2 or 3 leaves in a row, because of graphics bugs, like the ones above. Mostly i am sorry for my teammates that had to play 4 v 5. Then again some of you might think that with, my stats : Their chances of winning the game would be greater if i just left form the start ? thanks hon community I reinstalled a more free version of Gnu/Linux and decided to run the open and free 3d graphics driver. The game might not look great. But it don't lag, and it don't stutter. There is no fog of where, where it does not belong. And there is ce
  6. After I posted this thread I got a new bug. The game looked like it does in the screenshot. I rate the current linux state with NVIDIA propriety driver as garbage. After i experienced this bug, the game simply wont start. If you want to play on any *buntu linux. I guess you should use, opensource graphics driver. And lower the graphics settings to a minimum
  7. Playing on Gnu/Linux, I experience a bug where the entire screen becomes dark. It looks as though the terrain is under fog of war. I experienced this bug earlier when i scrolled over what i assume was the exact middle of the map. Now it seems to be triggered when scrolling over top legion barracks, also Klanx grenade seem to trigger it. Is there any command that can reset graphics so i wont have to restart HoN ? I found out the hard way, that there is a maximum number of re-connections allowed.
  8. Putting this here as reference to people who have this issue in the future (this error occurs in *buntu 16/18 , with proprietary NVIDIA driver) : -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Go to ~/.Heroes of Newerth/game (hidden folder) Within this folder create a file named : startup.cfg inside this file add the following line of text : SetSave "gl_modesetting" ""
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