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  1. I wanted to use space bar as my Alt Modifier, which is what I'm used to in another MOBA As there's no option for that (PS: Please add it), I tried using space bar as my CTRL modifier (space bar now is -> CTRL) I replaced Alt with CTRL, in all Alt controls (such as self-casts and pings) [Alt now is -> CTRL, which is space bar] Once I applied the changes, I went in-game to try them out, but they didn't work: 1. Even though CTRL wasn't my modifier anymore, if I for example tried to Space Bar+Q to level up my ability it wouldn't work.
  2. Reason: It would be easier for new players to port their settings from other MOBAs to HoN, as of now you'd have to make all the Alt controls Shift or CTRL commands, then use your desidered modifier, as Shift and CTRL Modifier are in the settings, and Alt isn't. This is a bit of an hassle, and isn't quite the same thing, as space now applies to any other Shift or CTRL commands you have, too. Please.
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