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  1. Hi, i left a match not long ago and i knew i would get leave % so i went into oublic games and theres no games there neither can i create one? did you shut it down? i could play just a few weeks ago but now there is no public games
  2. damn what a cool dude i bet u are legendary player taking the game so competetive that you throw ur computer when u die as fayde props man or maybe u havent played the shit hero adrena they nerfed him constanlty for the last 6 patches go to the source before talking
  3. dont care if you ban me take advice before the game closes please
  4. @ElementUser buddy dont you get it, ur the producer or something. changing the magic heroes base dmg doenst do a shit. you probably dont play and just test. maybe try and play adrenaline and tell me he is not complete shit hero rn.
  5. Its not that I dont like HoN but nerfing my favorite hero along with many others makes me wanna leave early, An example adrenaline he has no use in the game now from a decent hero by the rework to a total trash can. like could you guys not nerf the shit out of all the heroes while the game lasts?
  6. could they fix it for my sake ;D like i doesnt matter but it would be very kind if you did
  7. Hero mastery is something you do when you right. but you can claim rewards for it in the statistics. like MASTERY BOOSTS! why cant we use them. i came back after 4 years and now i cant use them?? i know developers is on this platform so what happened?
  8. Bruutal


    copy and paste the link in the web browser..... image doesnt work for smr:/
  9. Bruutal


    http://i.imgur.com/af5BNvu.jpg (This is not my account) the players got this golden name color and idk if it is still on sale or whatever because i never got it. i created my account back in 2010 in january when it was still in beta and we had to pay to get an account. i got the legacy icon but never the color. it wasnt in the shop either. i remember it clearly but i couldnt get it.
  10. Bruutal


    I have been a player since the beta release and i got the legacy tag. though i never got the name color, any way possible of getting it still?
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