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  1. Damn, was it already a decade since it started. Hot damn, time surely goes by if you're enjoying it. Anyhow, ? for HoNiversary and hoping for many more
  2. The only thing that hag should be nerf as of now is an increased time on her ulti. 30 sec cd is kind of absurd considering she can nuke an entire wave with it. Also, @TruLeLiLoLOL, rushing staff is good as for farming item, damage and stats boost. However, keep in mind that hag is squishy and there are lot of heroes that can counter her quite easily (Moira, witch slayer, scout, vindi, magebane, etc). So, building staff as first item is a bad choice. Well, you can argue that it will be based on the game (heroes pick and players). But still, you would want to build her tankier initially and buy
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