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  1. dear FB devs after bad news of hon closing, do you have anything planned for future as a team? Are you working on new game? It would be awesome because i really believe you did good job for hon. Give us some spoilers!
  2. cant agree more. hate racism with all myself, stupid ignorant peple. Found so many turk haters that almost made me uninstall. Not to mention all that homophobia. I have many gays frends and they nice. Also forgive me if wrong but isn't @Saphirez gay? he is really nice person so why hate?
  3. Hello everyone, got a question for FB developersh: what is the current position of Garena regarding custom hosted games outside their own servers? is it allowed for no earnings or completely disallow? is their position know to us?
  4. wejaggin


    probly just long queue also i asume people gradually stopping queuing after the shutdown notice
  5. wejaggin

    HoN closing?

    hello friends, is true that hon is closing soon? That sad news if real :( There are any plans to keep it run on unofficial server? Ty for answers
  6. hello in this topic i think plague rider ulti 1st impakt is missing from the ministun list https://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/index.php?/topic/4299-ministun-behaviour/
  7. dear Elemental User can u clarify the difference behaviur of rambage Q against fayde E (it stop the charge immediatly even when far) vs rambage Q against other invulnerablity spell, for example bubbels take cover (doesnt stop charge if far) thank u vm
  8. i think smthing got messed up in last patch. used to not have this problem on low detail but i start getting it as well on laptop linux. had to completely turn off shadow to fix hope they fix soon dont lose hope!
  9. hello guys how to target tremble traps on ledges? sometimes i click 100 times over it and doesnt work. My suggestion: make tremble traps destroy automaticly if enemy hero stand near them for more than 2 sec
  10. hahahahah look like u kummed on the screen btw i had same problem on my linux laptop, disabled shadows from option and good now
  11. nvm i realized he need staff upgrade so maybe not too OP it stacks with blaksmith 3rd spell?
  12. hello guys im back to the game since long break and i was against this SS using ulti so fast i coudnt even react, isnt that too strong?? was like istant pk+ulti looked like bin laden gaming wtf
  13. hello i noticed that when you finish an enemy killstreak (or the other wayaround) the portrait of the heroes involved are not shown in the top left part of the screen. Unlike all the other kills. Is it bug?
  14. Hello, I think that file only list the past patch notes. I'm talking about a site, which i forgot the name, who used to have the patch notes few weeks before the release. I think it was given out by ElementUser but I don't remember exactly.
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