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  1. It's not reportable if you are actually AFK and not moving.
  2. If you had any clue about what you were saying... you would know that S2 games owned HoN and they decided that the game would be p2p. FB took over later on. Around 2015...
  3. HoNtour shutting down. Which made the most of the comp. players moving to dota or some other moba But 99% for me was - HoN moving into casual mode direction... feel like that was the final straw
  4. team Robert Lewandowski, obviously... #TeamLewa
  5. I always believe that things can be saved. You never know what's gonna happen in the next 6 months... Keep believing. We'll see... it's not gonna end this way.
  6. yes, and also give her extra 100 dmg on Q and make her spells cost 0. To make sure to get kills early as TDL mid. And maybe give her true strike too on E. Because why not.
  7. Before updating the game go to options and switch the driver to openGL and then download the update... later you can switch back to directX. Maybe that fixes it
  8. What an irony that you mentioned all those heroes that are fine, but don't mention Oogie. The hero that's probably more problematic than all of those above mentioned, combined... having almost unlimited sustain, can farm super fast with no farming items, can turn the fight around very fast and use 20 spells in a teamfight, picked or first-banned in almost every tourney game, but sure, let's not mention the hero because it's a part of your name and I'd assume it's your most played. @jabawoogie
  9. Also a question regarding the max zoom out change. Will we be able to scroll out in the match, to make it as zoomed out as possible, or will it be set as default camera height
  10. Some good changes, decent QoLs. Most of them are really good. I like the change/buff to Jeraziah's ult and I feel like the same treatment to his W would also be decent, but this works too... Sapphire's ult getting buffed is really good as well, I like that one. Magebane rework seems interesting, as I feel like the meta just ran over the hero... felt like he wasn't even the fastest farmer nor he was a decent pick in any situation, so I'm interested to see how it's gonna work. And I'm interested to see if spellshards are gonna be a decent pickup against the hero, or how will they
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