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  1. Hello, Any chance we'll see a rebirth of Casual Mode for FoC? It was a decent game mode for new players & also casual players that don't want to spend 40 mins + in a game
  2. Here's a crazy idea... buy Dust... reveals heroes in fog for a while...
  3. Juking is part of the game. You just took a dive for a kill and got outplayed.
  4. Maybe not the entire MW statistics, but the MMR would be great to be shown somewhere. To know my MW MMR i have to enter a match and see it there.
  5. Hello, After picking a hero, we get the choose avatar screen. Would be nice to be able to scroll through them using Left/Right keyboard arrows and select with Enter. Pro: Most of the players in HoN are veterans and some of us have a lot of avatars and would be nice to be able to scroll through them faster to select which one we'll use. (sometiems you get bored with the default avatar selected) Thanks
  6. Hello, I collected the URSA avatars hoping i'll get the silver bonus (it doesn't say anywhere that the silver bonus applies only of FoC, except when i tried to open a ticket and noticed on the support page). I am mostly a MW player and the avatars cost a lot.... so can we have this feature implemented for MW also (since MW is now probably more popular than FoC), please? Thanks
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