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  1. Technical support does not respond to letters, GM did not even write a reason until I opened a dispute, this is just some disrespect
  2. They block everyone and say that this is some kind of ADC. I was blocked with no reason but i didnt use any cheats. Block permanently. Thanks for the game. It is GG. No evidence, no prove, no words. Either it is a system crash or they want to kill the game
  3. I'm banned without any proof, there is no reason in the dashboard, and GM is just closing the controversy. is it generally adequate ?? He is silent for several days, does not provide any justification Please, tell me, is this the game that I threw money to support, that I supported and recommended to others? Apparently now the way here is closed for me and the game died for me with that leaders.
  4. +++ I have the same problem, man! Permanent till 2096 I dont know hod could it be, and ahve no reason at RAP
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