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  1. Thanks on answer Your answer to me is total fail you're saying something what is total nonsense and some question u slightly ignored "seen" First i never said make hon 5.0 etc or new hon hon is now perfect just lack of stuff for players, like when i read posts from forum how u guys answering to players question it seems u never been part of any community as players and u don't understand what players are actually saying to u guys just spamming same answer all time or ignoring it Check how many times players asked about CoN 12+months without season and u say u can't balance it a
  2. t least u answer u didnt lock thread +rep Some things what did u say are right some of them are crap Right i don't know what is behind scenes that's true But if u don't have resources to make some events more often for like halloween(i know xmas is coming) for some FOC tour for Gc so players know this game is alive a little bit Play this game now is dead race u have luck cause players make amazing friendship and cause that they play this game What is hon giving us "players" reason to keep it playing this game Foc no ladder u have only that rank on your profile and th
  3. After playing this game so long and spent so much money on skins i don't understand what the f are u doing with this game in past 2 3 years I'm total lost like your all updates are same fixing servers for latino america turnning off servers for latino america adding and removing all time staff just from some heroes to make something "refreshing"igame not lisent community at all just doing your own vision what u think its best and dont care what actually players want and whenever someone ask u can u do something your only answer is WE DONT HAVE RESOURCES and just thinking about milking mon
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