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  1. I don't remember it ever being implemented and I've played since it first came out when you had to buy the game. The game would end up getting trolled or remade anyway with the afk players.
  2. Sadly player population is low which is why it's already hard to find a game to begin with. And finding a game is nearly IMPOSSIBLE if you are high MMR (1700+ is when I start seeing long queue times). I like the idea where they should just queue high MMR people with low MMR people, and balance the gain/loss from the match, at least this way people get a match and hopefully the noobs learn to play better from observing high MMR play styles :). If you're playing on a 1700+ MMR account, only way you will find a game fast is by queuing with a buddy who's account is at 1500-1600 MMR.
  3. Anybody else tired of getting into a game just to see random picks and then people trolling each other along with remake vote requests because people didn't pick their heroes? There are many times people AFK while queuing for a match and then once they get queued up they random... I don't know about you guys but sadly it feels like EVERY SINGLE FRICKEN GAME always has a random and a pause or vote remake request as soon as you get into the game. I feel this issue can be easily remedied if there's some sort of pop up notification asking you to "READY" when you find a match... that way you
  4. I'm sick and tired of 99% of HON games starting out with a pause or vote remake button cuz someone is AFK when they entered the match. PLEASE IMPLEMENT A READY CHECK SYSTEM B4 GAME STARTS (similar to LoL). This will get rid of these annoyances. Who else agrees with me?
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