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  1. I've been playing MW for ~10 years now, and can say that making MMR visible a few years ago was responsible for a dramatic increase in the average MW game quality, and skill level. For instance, before mmr was made visible, our stack got several accounts to 1850+ without even considering it. After it was made visible, we noticed that games which were once easy stomps actually had some difficulty. It is my opinion that removing visible MMRs will have the opposite effect, and regress the average skill level, making good games even fewer and far between. Seeing MMR of your allies and enemies
  2. Follow up on this, has mastery exp been disabled for Midwars? Unsure how to interpret +?? exp in the original post.
  3. Work around is to drop an item before the creeps meet to buffer the lag. This bug has been around forever, but anecdotally, my stack has been seeing it while it was isolated to just me before.
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