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  1. I tried everywhere xd no response
  2. Player Siakavara ( posted on forums and in game ) wanted to transfer me 30k plinko tickets from his account to mine ( DellOptiplex ) . Can you please do it ? There is a thread and i pm you in game aswell but no responds on anyone , please? Thank you
  3. That's literally HoN community described in one sentence.
  4. Ask yourselves , are you satisfied with the RAP system? When you create new account , you get 2500 silver coins. Also you can make gold coins aswell. You can even make your account to be able to go into '' minus '' for a report if you dont have. We'll have so much less bad reports and only good reports.
  5. Hello , i am using Windows 10 64bit , i got good computer , i installed today's update , after update my screen keeps blinking ( I mean the HoN sticker in the middle keeps blinking and never enters loggin page - stuck at the blinking screen ) . Help please
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