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  1. Seems like DRACONIS is the most retarded hero for now. I thought it would be Solstice.
  2. For those trying to run HoN (linux veriosn). Try removing the "libfreetype.so.6" file from <install folder>/HoN/libs-x86_64.
  3. HoN + new OpenGL?! I want to try this! Also HoN x64 works fine in linux using wine/lutris --- I haven't got any crash.
  4. CuysauruS

    HoN future

    Best things always have a future. HoN best moba!
  5. The power of Sol compels you! Go back to your pit Dota 2/LOL fiend.
  6. Try deleting you "heroes of newerth" folder located in "my documents" folder I think (windows 10).
  7. Will HoN be available for Linux distros (mint/ubuntu) in a near future? Edit: I had a game on linux mint. I downloaded the game from here: http://dl.heroesofnewerth.com/installers/linux/HoNClient.sh The loading assets screen freezed (I used classic main interface and reconnected to solved the issue), tho. And I think had more fps than on windows 10.
  8. Solstice is in every game! I hate that character.
  9. I think you guys forgot to buff Ichor. It is too weak. I want to be invincible, inmortal.
  10. FB studio. Please, freeze my midwars mmr at 1600. Thanks you.
  11. I would like to suggest match 4-5 queues vs 4-5 queues. It doesn't matter their mmr! In fact, most of those so called "1900 mmr midwars warriors" have less than 1600 mmr in caldavar.
  12. Make 5-4 players queues wait till they find another 5-4 player queue. Thanks.
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