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  1. Oh i'm very sorry to have missed this... also many thanks to @Smilie for all his work and also mostly for having restarted the chatserver whenever it got stuck. Thank you <3 and also many others that I've missed. And also no hard feelings @Whyzozerious
  2. Thanks to @ElementUser especially who never abandoned the sinking ship and he did all the amazing work, with balance changes and similar stuff. I wish you all the best in whichever direction you are about to go. Thanks to @HyperXewland Umbreon for keeping the HoN servers safe together with the DDoS protection that you guys made and made our gaming experience very good. Thanks to @hegelsohn@`Shattered@Narandea@Tommy@dav787@spylex and few others for keeping the peace via the RAP portal and banning a higher number of players than HoN's playerbase at it's peak. Thanks to @Lightwalk
  3. I was interested in just knowing if anybody is about to buy HoN, what amount would they be required to pay?
  4. that's probably how much your entire family is worth.
  5. patch is good, but Knuckles are not nerfed? Also no cliffwalks spots have been fixed, is it possible to somehow show or mark the cliffwalk spots and if they get fixed in the future.
  6. at one point is cliffwalking considered a bannable offense, and doing such thing in the tourney when people are watching. I'm sure that shouldn't be allowed
  7. there is a benefit, if you deward successfully, you get 150 gold from killing the enemy ward
  8. so how do you explain high tmm players buying it on every carry every game
  9. Hello. Im still not sure after how many months, why isnt dawnbringer still getting changed. I get it that it's a hard item to balance and it's the most expensive item in the game. But come on, in literally every higher game, a carry buys it, doesnt matter which carry it is, it gives too much, everything that a hero needs. a perfect item which makes players consider other items, way less, or just never consider it. It really requires some nerfing. Patrick Mouratoglou
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