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  1. Hi, i cant purchase paragon hag upgrades in shop for silver, i've tried it many times but same error screenshot
  2. May be some double silver weekends? etc, why do u stop to do those events? dont think its hard to make.
  3. dude so , we will never get a game then, cuz every game would be remaked, dont like your team pick? just remake, some1 from your team died fast ? just remake. dont like player's stats in your team? just remake , its would be 99.9% of games remaked. so no , its a bad idea, Agree about interface
  4. its like when somebody picking nitro 4 of 5 just RAAAGEEQUIIIT ?
  5. i only know that almost nobody picking him and if some1 picks him its 80% that your team lose. obviusly need to remove him and bring new hero or atleast completely rework it
  6. agree but even with that only usefull players on mvp list. who did most assists . most kills or top siege damage , etc, who was usefull at any case, may be we should remove most smackdowns and top creepscore (to not let afk farm griefers and guys who played bad but scored some smackdowns just cuz they have it) to appear on mvp list and then bring reward as silver coins
  7. well ? its 20% winrate on this hero or about ?
  8. guys, may be we need to give a player who got mvp some additional silver coins after match, since now getting mvp doesnt affect anything
  9. well , but i thought they had a lot of already developed heroes before they stopped to support this game
  10. Guys, may be remove nitro from game since its totally useless and replace it for a new hero? what do u think about it ? ?
  11. Guys! I think those guys who playing with ping 300+ not happy to ply like this also, but in new interface server list is not so obvius like in old. u need to fix it so ppl can see what servers are switched on. when they truned on lat server i didnt notcied and played one game on lat also with ping 250 +. BUT latins , dont know why, cant learn how to turn off EU and CIS servers and u can meet them at night very often
  12. ye i guess they will play they own servers, they just didnt notice and dont understand why they r lagging so hard xD
  13. hey dude, same on CIS servers, a lot of latins with 350+ ping. I think they just dont know how to turn off its from list. im trying to explain it to them to plau US servers, every time i see them but i think they just dont understand cuz they r not answering :D
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