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  1. Hey I got banned and reported other.people and also got banned so in my experience if there's no sex or religion or race involved he's not gonna get banned from chat abuse unless he's really spamming whatever he wanna call you with In a row I've got banned for excessively calling skrap crap once so yeah
  2. Hello, i cant gift anyone a skin the feature isnt even on my client , i mean it is , but when i press gift item it doesnt work its like buying the skin for your own ,i cant type anyones name or something i did it 3 times with 500 silver c skins in order to test it but it didnt work.. i just want to know is it available on the old client before the patch or do i have to download the 64 bit client ?
  3. wunyboo

    New Patch

    Hello, the new patch is really good , and finally a patch that has a lot of major upgrades on heroes saw nothing negative in the patch it feels a bit refreshing thanks for the guys that still supporting and running this game and placing some effort in :))) Hope everyone has a nice holiday
  4. Lol Retard stop Crying .. the RAP system really works fine .. they wont get checked instantly u have to wait but normally takes a day or 2 for the notification to buzz out that a player etc.. have been banned.. Or If they not getting banned then you`re false reporting everyone for losing or whatsoever ?
  5. SINCE barely u got teammates that pause or lucky if u a good non griefing team that wills to pause for u is it possible to change the time of reconnecting to the game ? an extra minute would be great because whenever my pc crashes and i have to shutdown and restart it takes almost 3 minutes to get a kickoff and open HoN. Iam speaking about this from my POV i dont know if anyone suffers from the same issue i got Disconnected multiple times because i couldnt reconnect on time always i end up getting banned for 5 hours 233 minutes or 4h then after that 8 ? then 23 wh
  6. And i tried troubleshooting from settings other than that i got no clue and i tried another wifi
  7. So was playing on my account normally logged out . Logged in later and I got suspended checked RAP no new tickets against me or im guilty with I tried many accounts some that i played with once or twice I cant log in they just sayd Suspended whatsoever check custo.... So anyone experienced this before ? and Oh! i can log in on my 2 other crap laptops But not on my Computer .Whats the Issue ?
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