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  1. I won't lie if I say that this is one of the most anticipated patches for most players and everyone is sure that it will be exactly how he wants, that's why I created this topic in order to vote and decide how it will be. Since we did not receive a specific release date for the patch with the camera zoom, and did not agree on what distance the distance would be acceptable, I would like to hear the opinions of the players here, because this is for us to play here and we have been developing this game for ten years and more. changed developers more than once, I think our voice has the weight
  2. I think there is no point in choosing a% for magnification, you just need to make a camera = maxillman of the ability range, take the example of devo, the range of the hook is 1200, in each direction and it would be nice to round up to 2500, this is certainly not 4000 but better than the standard 1000 if not less. Regarding ganks, I'll give you an argument for why this doesn't work: 1) You do not see more than others, that is, the view of your hero or ward further the fog of war 2) More experienced players of my level know that there is a consumable that gives invisibility until you get cl
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