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  1. that wasn't a "true" quality of life change made though given it was at the expense of the Latino player base. My whole and only point is give players the ability to "choose" what kind of game they are going to have. Look at it like this... What is Heroes of Newerth? The answer is HoN is a Team of 5, Fast Paced, 3rd Person, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. When you have a team of 5 it automatically implies that each member of that team needs to contribute to the team to outplay and best your opponents who are also a Team of 5 looking to do the same to you, now hold onto that thought becau
  2. HoN has been up for what 11-12 years now? In all that time when has S2 and now FB ever implemented anything that actually provided a "true" quality of life perk to the community? Since the dawn of HoN the community has asked for regional locking, language locking and yes even ping locking, and never once did S2 or FB implement it. QoL changes like these would have materially diminished toxicity and overall improved the health of the game but for some unexplained reason were never added. Those issues caused the mass exodus where HoN's player base was cut by well over 50% and has been in ste
  3. This would cause Latino players to not be able to ruin... I mean play on the NA servers so I very much doubt something like this would ever be implemented lol.
  4. Can't say stable with the constant lag outs unless your talking population wise. I agree the report system can be abused, that's why I wouldn't make it 4 reports, something more along the lines of 8-10 reports for the same bad behavior. If in two different games with different people both teams came to the same conclusion then chances are they aren't wrong lol. Forget graphics altogether. Institute a subscriber section. 5, 7 or even 10 bucks a month. With it you get reduced pricing on cosmetics, increased silver/gold gain, priority que status and shoehorn in the Language Locking and you'v
  5. I concede it would be significantly easier for a Triple A company to enhance graphics via engine upgrades/overhauls so that was a bad example. However I compared 2010 DreamHack Videos with the current game and yea there has been some polishing here and there but they are without a doubt the same graphics. No doubt it is the aged engine and the majority of issues to include the lag problems could be easily fixed with money. The money issue is a complex one and it began back with the release of HoN. Release came after League of Legends which was a problem and where as LoL was a F2P HoN was a
  6. Got the game back in 2010 (when you had to buy the game) and played pretty regularly taking breaks here and there. This last break was nearly a 4 year one. Saw Testie was streaming again installed HoN for giggles to see if the game had changed or evolved any and to see if I could get matched against him and have another youtube video of rolling him. To my surprise the game really hasn't changed at all. In fact I think it has gotten worse. Couple suggestions that would definitely encourage the tens of thousands of players who abandoned this game to return. 1) Update the graphic
  7. I took the plunge and tried out ranked... First 6 games was as expected. I was the only English speaker on the NA server I was playing on, other side was groups of 2-3 and spoke English (had decent convos in all chat during the game as they laughed at what I was dealing with lol). Did try to reach out to players I played with in the past but they all did as I did and moved on to Dota2 and have no want or need to revisit this game for aforementioned reason. Was deff fun having those nostalgic feels hearing that pre-lobby horn and music but just can't tolerate being in a game where you have to
  8. Just returned as well, been gone about 3 years. Had to scratch my head given when I stopped playing HoN i was 1890s MMR and now all my accounts are at 0. I haven't the heart to even attempt to try a normal ranked game. Have no desire to get mmr screwed by LAT players, be there with an 8.0 kdr and below 1500 mmr. I just stick to mid wars and have as much fun as possible. If Mid Wars is any guise to the quality of players that will be waiting for me in the entry to ranked bracket I have no want or need to be there lol.
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