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  1. And i didnt create this post to argue for the banning of people using it, all i want is the idea of zooming out more to be implemented in the settings
  2. There is no need for anger or something which will make this post locked, all me and many people want is to make possible at least a 10% increase in camera distance. As i said, you cant compare it with DOTA 2 camera distance since its angled and gives enough space. Just please consider it in the next patch…
  3. Even a small zoom out will make a difference. You know better that many users got banned for this, many of them wont be able to play the game with the original zoom , myself too. Its a hit to the player base and we dont want that in our beloved game for so many years now. I dont think dota for example has the same affect on the zoom because it feels different, the camera is more angled etc. I love this game so many years now , since people are asking for this , please make it possible , lets meet in the middle of this , 8% to 10% sounds good. I dont even play FOC
  4. Hello, since the last announcement about the Camera Distance hack bans, i think its time you consider patching the camera distance to zoom out more , making it even for everyone , with no advantages/disadvantages for anyone. I call it more like a playstyle , because i play most of my games zoomed out, rpgs , mmorpgs even rally games. Even if you patched it a little its still not enough!!!!! I think it will be fair for everyone plus noone will get banned for 3rd party programs . Please consider this!
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