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  1. Hey, First off I'd like to state that he has written an inquiry in the RAP system. As have I. My friend Math_Pro has been banned and I'm attempting to appeal this. The accounts he logs into are not specifically banned but it appears his IP is. Plays 5 days a week and never griefs the game. So HoN is the only game he plays that he enjoys I'm wondering if I can get an appeal on this. He doesn't know the exact reason he was IP banned yet. From what I've been told it is either account sharing or 'stat manipulation.' I'm unsure as to which. The only reason he needs to go on lower accounts is because once we hit Diamond 2-1 there's no more Q's to be had until certain people log in and we either Q against them or set up an inhouse. He especially can't go to EU to play on 300 ping as he's from Brazil. EU ping makes me angry enough already and I average about 179 there. So I play on a D1 or Legendary and he plays on a silver or gold (though it eventually reaches diamond of course) and then we restart the process so we can get a lot of games. If we both sit on Diamond 1's we can Q for 2.5+ hours and not get a game. Which is a long time to sit in a Q. Anyway, since he's sort of in the dark about his ban at least please give an explanation + how long. And please consider unbanning the man.
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