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  1. The workaround doesn't work for me. I paid for this game when it first came out and I'd be happy to pay again for the effort Hyper and co are putting into getting the game back to its glory. I do appreciate your work and sorry if my previous post was misunderstood. My point was that the crucial bit for the game to succeed is uptime/availability for the userbase. I'll wait a bit more I guess, it's worth it
  2. My constructive criticism is that there was really bad product management when dealing with this patch. I understand Mac users aren't that many in %, but having them shut down for one week is not the best if you want to increase that %. I'm not sure why a new patch that hadn't been ported to all clients is more important than having a % of the userbase barred from the game. I hope it's a security issue, otherwise it's unjustifiable. Best practice would say that you first update clients, then release the new version. If we want the game to grow, well, this would be a nice first step. Thanks for
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