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  1. Try writing to their support, I guess... wish I had better idea for you.
  2. Well then... that's sad. But if they announced it in their Thai forum under Garena, then it's more than just a rumor, no? Looks pretty certain.
  3. How do you know though? Do you have source? /edit Nvm, someone showed they posted in on their Garena facebook thai thing.
  4. I made a topic asking if iHoN will stay on Garena, and someone said it will not, but I'm not sure if that person was really convinced of that or he had legit info or just said it just so. Anyway, it would be amazing if they could port the accounts to Garena if HoN stays alive in Garena ...
  5. Man if steam will buy HoN that would be the most amazing wet dream ever. Sadly it's just a sad dreams, as I understand it Garena isn't going to let the IP of HoN to be sold and used separately from them, as they're still using the assets. This would create some complex legal issues that can be ultimately resolved if negotiated between the companies' lawyers, but I really doubt any party wishes to invest time and money to resolve those IP (intellectual property) issues, which I assume would be pretty significant. Also, I don't think HoN's reputation is good enough to allow for a brave inve
  6. Wow my dude Thank you so much I really appreciate it!!!! thats amazing!
  7. Do you know its true for Punk Announcer? what's so special about it contract-wise? is it someone famous doing it?
  8. Hi, it still costs 999 gold coins and can't really purchase gold coins... Is it possible to make it also have silver coins? Thank you
  9. Its estimated to worth around 10-20 million American dollars $... good luck tho
  10. Blizzard

    Save HoN

    Out of curiosity - what changes dota 2 did good and hon did not implement?
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