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  1. I'm not sure I follow? My understanding is that the game is shutting off for good in about 6 months. I'm offering a suggestion to see if it has any merit based on the feedback of others. Perhaps if the idea is good enough, it could have enough steam to get the attention of those involved with the situation. It might be wishful thinking, but every other post at the moment are along these lines so... not sure what I missed?
  2. I actually thought about this a couple years back. MOBA's remain a popular category and any one of these mega franchises would largely benefit from the game's superior MOBA engine. It would be an instant-hit, and if I worked in any of their brand promotion or product acquisition departments, this would be something I'd dream to uncover. Especially since it would get the much needed marketing HoN hasn't had ages. This Marvel for example: Pebbles can be remodeled as the Hulk. Forsaken Archer can be remodeled as Hawkeye. Gunblade or Scout could be remodeled as Black Widow.
  3. Hear me out. Since the game still boasts an active & loyal, albeit small playerbase, it could conceivably operate on a monthly subscription. I don't know the current operating costs but what if they could keep the price reasonable, like $5 monthly, and make most skins available through grinding coins in-game (with maybe a select few top tier avatars being storefront to ensure additional revenue flow)? I know that the high-end brackets have long queues, but the casual brackets seem to have pretty modest load times both between Regular & Midwars. Heck, Midwars is lightning fast in t
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