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  1. Blood Hunters main weakness is, that he constantly has to get kills in order to keep up with traditional agility heroes. Skilled players will just port out with TP after being hit by its ulti. So he has to spend 2k on a tablet, an item that offers no useful stats for him. He is good on low-rank matchmaking, but easy to counter for experienced players. Even if he has bought a tablet, a voidstone is enough to get out safely or to buy enough time until the comrades rush to help.
  2. I think increasing the showdown range on Level 1 is a fair point, you kinda have to invest 2 points for it to be useful at the cost of flagellation or pit fall damage. Its a nice quality of life change and does not change the playstyle of the hero or insanely buffs his laning phase performance.
  3. Cthulu is in a decent spot with almost 50/50 win percentage. I agree that removing his shield kinda made him lose his unique selling point as an annoying suicide hero. But at the same time, we are currently playing in a dual lane meta. Returning to the status quo ante now could make him an even less attractive choice.
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