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  1. Sapphire needs a bigger buff since he's the hero who will get hit the most (and by faaaaar) with the riftshards nerf(since it's a must buy on him). Also why is riftshards getting nerfed again? I agree with the savage mage buff but you don't have to nerf riftshards aswell to make people buy that.
  2. Speaking from experience, in the games I've played the last 30 days, she has been banned in 90% of the games. You can ask every high tmm player that isn't American(since they love to abuse her for some reason) and they will tell you the same. Why is it broken? Maybe due to the fact that his Q deals absurd amount of dmg with a projectile speed that is nearly impossible to dodge if you don't have vision of her(idk why did you change that, and i also don't know why that ability silences), or her W that makes it impossible to kill a hero especially in the early levels. The combination of th
  3. Can someone explain to me why isn't Monarch, that has over 80% winrate in high brackets, receiving a nerf?
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