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  1. Still better than All Pick or whatever they call the "whoever picks the op heroes first win mode". But much much worse than Single Draft. I think they don't really understand how many people is there that plays MW and not FoC.
  2. I guess one more. I strongly recommend watching some of the balanced random MW games. I won't even talk with how unbalanced it is but at least AT LEAST there should be a system that prevents me from "getting Moira, repicking it for another hero, getting moira as a random again" Balanced random cannot be balanced in any circumstances.
  3. Well then I hope this patch lasts 3 and a half hours.
  4. I cannot agree more to this. As we all know there is a huge number of players who prefers MW over FoC. And in this big group there is also a lot of people (like me) who doesn't like the same picks every All Pick games. Single Draft is/was the best option to have different scenarios with different team setups. Imagine getting a Parasite or Ophelia or War Beast in Midwars. What does that do? Is this balanced random? Can someone explain what "Balanced" is and how it works? I want the single draft back!!!
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