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  1. Thanks mate shout out to staff
  2. It was rejected after I used it for 1 week what?
  3. Hey mates yesterday at midnight something strange happened to me. One of my custom icons that i purchased recently was missing from my store i had it for like 1 week and it`s not on my vault anymore it was set as default icon as nothing,,, ;/ so yeah now i don`t have my new icon anywhere to be found ;( ah,,, can anyone help me with this please ?
  4. I wish for the candy color name I always liked it merry Christmas everyone
  5. And where was that stated ?
  6. Okay... How can I transfer it?
  7. Hey guy's I tried to send a skin from one of my ult accounts right I pressed on the gift button purchase. And it doesn't do anything else just says I own it. Did I do anything wrong if so would like to understand how it works thanks
  8. Hey guy's can we pretty please be able to buy that skin before the game goes never tried him before or anyone can send it to be thanks everyone
  9. Can you pretty please do elder rift walker never played him before
  10. that would be wonderful and good sure sorry for the op posts didn`t mean to spamm didn`t know how to use the forum don`t know how to delete posts
  11. Hello guys i just wanted to ask for help i want to download the game again for after a while but the problem is this new client doesn`t have a pause button because in my country the power goes out for a while until it comes back the client just cancels the download and it wouldn`t let me continue can i have help for this problem please
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