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  1. The patch looks great to me. Its a minor one yes and there isnt that many big changes. But given the limited resources im happy the focus is on fixing problems within the current game rather than making new stuff. Like the bug fixes are gonna make the game a lot more enjoyable to me. Charging someone as Legionare or Solstice just to get the spell cancelled by someone stepping in to fog for a minute is to me a much more important fix. Same with Goldenveil bugs. So yeah, thanks a lot. The goal is to create a somewhat stable game where every hero has their niche while having a relative simila
  2. So...Lunarios just donated 100$ and says he is planning on donating a 1000$ more to help HON grow and he is looking for input. And you manage to turn it into a rant about some game you're still mad about? Telling him to look inwards at his own toxicity while simultaneously making an idea thread with a quite substantial monatery contribution completely toxic. Man the irony couldnt be more obvious even if you tried. Amazing.
  3. Are you asking whether or not good players get tired of the game because of others not playing as well? Or are you asking if stomping people makes you bored? I guess we all appreciate good games over bad games. Stomping is fun if its because of the way you played and not so much if its because the other team fed/trolled. However, if you stomp so hard you make the other team feed/troll then more power to you. Often times the easiest way to win is to identify the biggest idiot on the other team and just start agreeing with him in allchat. Psychological warfare my friends. Easier than taking thro
  4. So if the patch is 1 week from tomorrow, can we expect patch notes tomorrow then? Loving the cd reduction on lvl 1 leap btw. Much appreciated!
  5. What itembuilds and vs what kind of setups do you find Kraken weak? Every hero can be weak and strong in certain situations. Personally I find Kraken to be very versatile and very strong. Run as a mid or as a solo short he can get very scary with level advantage, especially if you get items like portal key or elder parasite. Dont build him tanky, he's already tanky. Get mobility and/or damage. If you anticipate clusterfckfights then get pk and land that big ulti. If they got sw, vindi, tb or something that cancels then even something like shroud is a pretty decent item on him as you can pretty
  6. What is that? I looks and tastes like something. Oh nvm its salt. Plain old salt. You should cut back man. Take a break and when you do, eat something (not salt).
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