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  1. Well me and my friend xxfantasy retired from this game that supposedly they banned me for 3 days and I have spent many days and they do not undo me x what ?? goodbye everybody. and the worst thing is that they ban me only 3 days and they do not undo me ... another that they ban an account and they ban my ip is something abzurdo good I get out of the hon. goodbye
  2. ohmevengo2

    help pls.

    Hi, I was banned from a new xxth3dicsxx account for only 3 days. and now I can not enter with my other old accounts I get that they are banned ??????? The first time the ban was 3 days, it has now been extended until October 24. And why can't I access my other accounts? what one account has to do with other accounts is already heartbreaking abuse ..
  3. ohmevengo2


    hola me banearon a nueva cuenta xxth3dicsxx solos x 3 dias.y ahora no puedo entrar con mis otras cuentas antiguas me sale que estan baneadas??????? ensima primero el ban era 3 dias ahora se alargo hasta el 24 de october. y por que no puedo entrar ami demas cuentas???.que tiene que ver una cuenta con otras cuentas esto ya es un abuso desgarrador..
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